I’m Alice and here is my blog. I love science and wanted somewhere I could write about science that I find interesting. I studied Plant Science at the University of Nottingham, and graduated in July 2017. Plants are brilliant, they manage to survive different environments (high temperatures, high light, drought) without being able to move and we wouldn’t be here without them – they produce the oxygen we breathe, fix energy from the sun and contribute so much more. Following my time at University, I am now a “Molecular Biology Technician” (read: lab technician) in the Microbiology department of a company in the food industry. I am looking forward to working in a different lab environment, developing my lab skills and learning new techniques, gain more knowledge about microbes and hopefully meeting lots of new people.

Join me in my #scicomm adventures, hope you enjoy my blogs. Comment or Tweet me (@alicefoxall) for any blog requests or if you want to know more information about a topic (or anything really).

Alice Chats Science About


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