Sowing the seed

Hello everyone.

I think a good start would be for me to introduce myself. My name is Alice, I’m currently an undergraduate studying plant science at Nottingham.

*insert cheesy smiling photo*

Recently, I have come to the conclusion that I need somewhere to vent all my passion for plants. Twitter’s 140 character limit is just too difficult for me sometimes (although check that out too @alicethecamel95) and I feel too bad for my friends on Facebook for boring them more than I already have. So here I am.

Aside from plants I enjoy tanking it out at the gym (#gains), dad-dancing to house music, crafting things and spending time with other humans. Maybe I will blog about some of these things if the mood takes me.

I can be super cheesy (hence the photo and the name of the post) of which I apologise (sort of). Hope someone enjoys this blog, I will probably continue to write it anyway.

I will leave you with some wise words written by David Attenborough.

Private Life of Plants


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